UNDIVIDED: Advancing Evangelism & Racial Justice
Wednesday, March 8, 12:30-2pm
Kids 1 - Room 111M
Lunch Provided (for the first 60 registrants)


For decades, an unspoken rule has guided most Evangelical churches: Avoid racial justice. Don’t engage in it, don’t preach about it, don’t touch it. Why? Prevailing “wisdom” suggests that talking about racism, let alone acting to address racial injustice, will become a barrier to people experiencing Jesus.

Yet,  one of the greatest revivals in Jesus’s public ministry happened when He took the unexpected, courageous path to confront prejudice head-on? What if you led boldly on race rather than trying to go around it? Could you help people who have written off the Church and even Jesus, find their way back to God?

By looking at the story of Jesus and the Woman at the Well, the UNDIVIDED team will share how courageous love can address racism & evangelism.